K.E.G.S. offers ingeniously crafted beers with distinctive flavors while promising an enriching experience in beery knowledge.​


Quality (Kwaliteit) comes first in everything we do. Paying mind to history and craft but with modern scientific oversight we will make sure everything we create is at it should be.

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Education (Educatie) is the way in which we elevate Dutch beer culture to a higher level. We do this by giving extensive explanations about many different aspects of beer.



Mind-expansion (Geestverruiming) is our way of looking to the future. By making products and developing methods that have a WOW!-factor we tempt you to think about what you’ve got in your hands.

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Taste (Smaak) is what ties this all together. It’s the reason you know what’s good and how you’re inspired to learn more. We’re proud to make sure the taste will be incredible.

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