KEGS team


K.E.G.S. is an acronym in Dutch Kwaliteit (Quality), Educatie (Education), Geestverruiming (mind-expansion), and Smaak (Taste). 

Kwaliteit – Quality comes first in everything we do. Paying mind to history and craft but with modern scientific oversight we will make sure everything we create is at it should be.

Educatie – Education is the way in which we elevate Dutch beer culture to a higher level. We do this by giving extensive explanations about many different aspects of beer.

Geestverruiming – Mind-expansion is our way of looking to the future. By making products and developing methods that have a WOW!-factor we tempt you to think about what you’ve got in your hands.

Smaak – Taste is what ties this all together. It’s the reason you know what’s good and how you’re inspired to learn more. We’re proud to make sure the taste will be incredible.

Timothy Wareman

Timothy Wareman

Co-founder, Production & development

Our head brewer has been working in the beer industry since forever and has several successful recipes and beers to his name. He’s an incredibly passionate beer geek and an excellent chef

Within K.E.G.S. Timothy will be bringing back classic brewing with a modern touch. In this manner he aims to brew new and surprising beers.

Sacha Stelder

Sacha Stelder

Co-founder, Fermentation specialist, QA/QC, R&D

Our biochemist has a PhD in microbial food safety and is known to be a fermentation fanatic. Before starting K.E.G.S. he was a homebrewer for about ten years.

He is in charge of quality assurance within K.E.G.S., working in our very own beer lab. He also provides the innovative aspect by blazing a trail when it comes to fermentations.


One evening in Autumn homebrewer Sacha went to visit years long friend and fellow beer geek Timothy with a couple of bottles of homebrew Coffee IPA in tow. After hours of tasting and enthousiatic tales about beer roommate Lodewijk posed the important question: Why aren’t you doing this professionally? The question stuck around in our minds for the next day as well, the plan to collaborate and brew something together had been on the table for years. After working in cafés and breweries for years, at that point in time Timothy was working in the kitchen as a sous-chef but a return to brewing was looming. On the other hand, as a scientist, Sacha was working on more and more applied projects, and brewing beer is the oldest form of applied microbiology. With the right external impuls, we decided to figure out how we could realise our dream of starting our own brewery together. A short crowdfunding campaign among the people who we had been serving our brews in previous years quickly became succesful enough and allowed us to get off the ground. Beer inspires and brings people together, K.E.G.S. is living proof.