coffee ipa

Coffee IPA
Bronze medal Dutch Beer Challenge


Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley (Maris Otter, Amber, Vienna), Hops (Magnum, Columbus, Chinook, Willamette), Coffee, Yeast (US-05) 


ndia Pale Ale, IPA, is an old, originally British style that’s been reinvented as an exemplary style of the American beer revolution. The defining traits of this modern IPA are the high bitterness and the use of refreshing fruity aromas originating from the hops. These typically American hop varieties are predominantly grown in the Pacific North-West.

While on a trip to Portland, one of the major beer cities of the United States, Sacha was inspired to create a Coffee IPA. He befriended a local coffeeroaster (Andrea Spella of Spella Caffe) and was offered a bag of coffee beans as a gift. The challenge was to brew a beer that the non-beer drinking coffee lover would also enjoy. The solution was to balance out the high bitterness of the hops with dark roasted coffee flavors. The curious interplay between the carefully selected coffee and hop aromas in this beer create a unique experience.


We use Ethiopian coffee beans roasted at Boot Koffie in Amersfoort. This coffee originates from the Guji region and is renowned for its vast aromatic complexity and intensity. The plants grow in the shade at an altitude of 1800 to 2150 meters. The Ethiopia Dimtu Tero is certified organic and EKO certified meaning it is acquired from small farms at an honest and economically sustainable price.

By preparing the coffee as a cold-brew we manage to extract something different from what you would normally find in a “regular” cup of coffee. At low temperatures, we extract a lot less bitterness and mainly get the natural aromas and dark roasted coffee flavors. Ethiopian coffee has a lot of fruity aromas which makes for an ideal combination with the hop aromas of an IPA! We also extract a lot less of the dark color from the beans thereby maintaining the pale orange color of the beer. Our Coffee IPA does contain Caffeine but only about 5% of what you’d find in a regular cup of coffee.


Hallertau Magnum: bittering hop.

Columbus: herbal, citrus/lemon.

Chinook: piney, spicy, grapefruit.

Willamette: herbal, floral, fruity.

Find the Ethiopia Dimtu Tero coffee at Boot.

6.1% ABV

93 IBU

16 EBC

14.5 °P