Primal Rye

Primal Rye Label


Ingredients: Water, Barleymalt (BIO Munich, BIO Pilsner, Aroma, Chocolate, Special B), Sint Jans rye,Hops (Pilgrim BIO, Spalter Select BIO), Yeast (Czech lager)


Originally a style from Einbeck in Germany, a famous beer city in the Middle ages. Bock is known for it’s slightly sweet, malty flavor and beautiful dark brown red color. The name evolved thoughout the years to end up where it is today. Ein Einbecker Bier, Einbeck Bier, ein Beck Bier, ein Bock Bier, and eventually… a bock beer! And yeah, the goat (bok) is an easy association.


This beer is a collab between grain specialist Zonnespelt, Morebeer brewing and K.E.G.S. After some doubts whether we should be making a bock we got a request from Zonnespelt to make a beer with Sint Jans Rye. Absolutely! A quick chat with Morebeer who wanted to make a bock beer and the decision was quickly made.

Sint Jans Rye

Sint Jans Rye is rye variant named after the day of St. John: June 24th. The rye is sown on or right after this date . A real winter rye which has high yields especially after harsh winters. Relative to normal rye it has a fresher, fruitier aroma which gives this bock refreshing flavors.


Pilgrim: grassy, pear, spicy.

Spalter Select: earth, spicy.

6.5% ABV

23 IBU

47 EBC

17 °P